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Stageplay: The Journey of an Actor
By Sushma Seth

The book is a first of its kind, written by one of Indias most well-known theatre and film personalities, Sushma Seth. The first part of the book chronicles the actors early life, which she spen....

Price:  Rs 350.00
Breaking India: Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines
By Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakandan

This book focuses on the role of US and European churches, academics, think tanks, foundations, government and human rights groups in fostering the separation of the identities of Dravidian and ....

Price:  Rs 695.00
Love in a Headscarf: Muslim Woman Seeks the One
By Shelina Zahra Janmohamed

This is a light-hearted, sensitive book about growing up in Britain as an educated hijab-wearing Muslim woman trying to find both herself and her Mr Right. How does she make her own choices ....

Price:  Rs 295.00
By Anish Sarkar

This novel is a historical thriller spanning two eras. In the mid-nineteenth century, an unnamed secret society, the Benaami, is set up to fight the British East India Company. The Benaami s....

Price:  Rs 250.00
Six Yards of Silk
By Mallika Krishnamurthy

This narrative flows between India and New Zealand, through memory and loss, tastes and sensations; as Sharmila seeks to understand the mysterious disappearance of her brother, Ramesh. The ....

Price:  Rs 195.00
Touching Distance: The Great Indian MBA Dream
By Shiva Prakash

A book about ambition, belief and irony, Touching Distance: The Great Indian MBA Dream paints life on the canvas of tier-1 MBAs in India. Seen through the eyes of a witty, idealistic and ultimately....

Price:  Rs 195.00
The Emperor's Writings
By Dirk Collier

Akbar the Great (1543-1605), the greatest of the Mughal emperors, was not only the most powerful and wealthiest monarch of his time, but undoubtedly, the most enlightened one. A firm proponent o....

Price:  Rs 695.00
Basant Kumar & Sarala Birla: Life has No Full Stops
By Rashme Sehgal

This is a story of rare courage, resilience, and utmost determination of one couple, Basant and Sarala Birla, to give a permanent place to the Birla Empire in the annals of history. It began sevent....

Price:  Rs 495.00
The Spirit of the Buddha
By Martine Batchelor

In this slim, enlightening volume, internationally recognised Buddhist teacher Martine Batchelor presents the basic tenets and teachings of the Buddha through a selection of essential texts from ....

Price:  Rs 250.00
Evolution, Religion and the Unknown God
By Georges van Vrekhem

The evolution of life on earth is a fact; Darwinism is one theory among several, based on research of predecessors like Buffon and Lamarck, and formulated simultaneously with the very similar th....

Price:  Rs 595.00
The Arty Farty Party
By Pratik Basu

A sardonic and irreverent wit is trained on the advertising world of the '80s as the hero - for want of a better word - fumblingly adapts to its wacky, hedonistic lifestyle. In this battle of 'bo....

Price:  Rs 295.00
The Caliphates Soldiers: The Lashkar-e-Tayyebas Long War
By Wilson John

It is a painstakingly detailed, comprehensive and insightful book on Pakistan’s arch terrorist organisation, Lashkar-e-Tayyeba. It compiles the history of the organisation, its precise position....

Price:  Rs 595.00
Mapmaking: Partition Stories From Two Bengals
By Debjani Sengupta, Ashis Nandy

Mapmaking: Partition Stories From Two Bengals brings together renowned writers from Bangladesh and West Bengal including Ritwik Ghatak, Hasan Azizul Haq, and Manik Bandopadhayay. It is a unique att....

Price:  Rs 295.00
Tibet: A History
By Sam Van Schaik

Nobody can agree on precisely where Tibet’s borders lie, which is perhaps fitting for a country through which global powers have swept for all of its 2000 year history, and whose spiritual messag....

Price:  Rs 695.00
The Mad Tibetan - Stories from Then & Now
By Deepti Naval

This is the maiden anthology by Deepti Naval, the critically acclaimed actor, painter, director, and poet. Each story in this anthology carries a visual and emotional impact....

Price:  Rs 395.00
Two Pronouns and A Verb: A Novel
By Kiran Khalap
Two Pronouns and a Verb is about the perennial question: Who am I? It is also a triangle of love and anger, with two childhood friends, Arjun, the doubter, and Dhruv, the believer, at t....
Price:  Rs 295.00
Aung San Suu Kyi: A Biography
By Jesper Bengtsson
The Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi was released from house arrest in November 2010 and in February 2011 Jesper Bengtsson got a one-to-one interview with her. Indomitably optimistic, she says, "The....
Price:  Rs 495.00
Chinas Nightmare, AmericasDream: India as the next global power
By William H. Avery
The book is about what India needs to do to claim world-power status. It analyses where India as come from, how far it has declined, where it is today (still an emerging power, but full o....
Price:  Rs 595.00
Drowning Shadows
By Umair Naeem
Drowning Shadows is a thriller with a spiritual angle. As the protagonist, Hyder Waseem, battles for life, the book retraces the journey of his life at two levels - the physical, where he is a succes....
Price:  Rs 250
Murder in Amaravati
By Sharath Komarraju
Padmavati, the village hostess’s body is found in the sacred chamber of the Kali temple. Men wanted her; women hated her; and some wanted to keep their liaisons hidden. But who had the motive, mean....
Price:  Rs 250
Mind the Gap: Walking Delhi With the Metro
By Wilson John

Delhi, like India, is full of contradictions, and history. Here empires were built, buried and rebuilt, as many as fourteen ....

Price:  Rs 00.00
A Song For I
By Chandrima Pal

A Song for I is about Ira, born to an ambitious and successful musician and a mother who would prefer for her to be dead rather than live under her father’s shadow. Ira grows up in an emotion....

Price:  Rs 495
The Accidental Godman
By Kishore Bhimani

The novel is set in India in 2027. These are strange times – the population of the country is 1.62 billion and counting. Open spaces have disappeared and the remaining public parks can only b....

Price:  Rs 325.00
The Maharajas of Bikaner
By Rajyashree Kumari Bikaner


Rao Bika, a young Rathore Rajput prince dared to penetrate the Thar Desert, with its endless stretches of sand dunes, the sun blazing down mercil....

Price:  Rs 695
The Audacity of Opinion: Thoughts, Journeys, Musings
By Jaswant Singh

This is a two-volume anthology of the writings of Jaswant Singh, former Defence, External a....

Price:  Rs 895.00
Music of the Spinning Wheel: Mahatma Gandhis Manifesto for the Internet Age
By Sudheendra Kulkarni

The question this book attempts to address is: How can Gandhiji be relevant to our times in....

Price:  Rs 595
More Than Just Biryani
By Andaleeb Wajid

When Sonia Kapoor a journalist working in a Hong Kong food magazine befriends Zubi, a shy Ind....

Price:  Rs 399
Halfway Up the Mountains
By Kiran Khalap

This is a story of a village girl - Maya who fights her fate in a traditional Indian family. She makes steam....

Price:  Rs 295
When the Snow Melts
By Vinod Joseph

Veteran spook Ritwik Kumar is sent by the Indian government to the Intelligence Assessment Gr....

Price:  Rs 195.00
Taking the Taj
By Shivjeet Kullar

Taking the Taj is a fast-paced page-turner where seven seasoned terrorists take in....

Price:  Rs 325
The Maoists in Iindia: Tribals Under Seige
By Nirmalangshu Mukherjee

THE MAOISTS IN INDIA: Tribals Under Seige discusses, with dexterit....

Price:  Rs 350
Tales From Shining & Sinking India
By Akash Banerjee

Price:  Rs 525

Pakistan a New History
By Ian Talbot

If Pakistan is to preserve all that is good about ....

Price:  Rs 499
The Slim Punjabi
By Harmeet

The Slim Punjabi is a delightful collection of Punjabi food recipes, information on Punjabi culture and, of course, the most famous love stories from Punjab. And NO, it is not just ab....

Price:  Rs 350
America in the Asian Century
By by Maharajakrishna Rasgotra

An incisive and sagacious compilation of essays by experts in the field of fore....

Price:  Rs 495
Pakistan Military in Politics
By Ishtiaq Ahmed

Pakistan Military was poorly endowed in 1947. It ....

Price:  Rs 795
Undying Echoes of Silence
By T P Rajeevan

This thrilling murder mystery is the story of Manickyam, a young girl who is married to Po....

Price:  Rs 450
A Soft Eclipse
By Jayabrato Chatterjee

A scathing expose on vintage Kolkatas corporate and sexual shenanigans seen from a womans poi....

Price:  Rs 299
Maharaja in Denims
By Khushwant Singh

This is a tale of love, intrigue, and passion. The story unfolds with Hari getting flashes of....

Price:  Rs 250
The Golden Jubilee
By Subrata Dasgupta

This story is of Dev....

Price:  Rs 325
The Emperors Riddles
By Satyarth Nayak

More terrifying than the savage murder of historian Ram Mathur on the ghats of ....

Price:  Rs 299.00
Poison Roots
By Indira Parthasarathy

National award-winning author Indira Parthasarathy traces journey of Kesavan from being a dis....

Price:  Rs 295.00
Mandela: My Prisoner, My Friend
By Christo Brand

Christo Brand was a South African farm boy. Nelson Mandela, the black son of a tribal chief, ....

Price:  Rs 350
Rum Beer Cocktail
By Sukant Ratnakar

A novel with a message of either building ones life on the straight and narrow ....

Price:  Rs 299
Noordins Gift
By Shashi Warrier

A hair-raising tale of terrorism with frighteningly real characters and a taught and believa....

Price:  Rs 350
Ten Kings
By Ashok Banker

3400 BCE - A tribal chief and his small valiant clan defended t....

Price:  Rs 250
Making India
By Makarand R Paranjape

India today is almost completely unrecognizable from what i....

Price:  Rs 395
Circle of Fate
By Prita Warrier

Devaki an ageing widow, lives with her maid, Ambli, in a village in Kerala. Tho....

Price:  Rs 295.00
Crossing Over
By Geetanjali Mehta

Biopolar disorder? No, it does not mean STARK, RAVING MAD. It is much misunderstood psychiatr....

Price:  Rs 350.00
Six Words
By Surendra Kumar Sagar

 Price:  Rs 595

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